Important Camping Gears for a Camping Trip

It is very interesting going for camping trips. All that has to be done for camping trip to be successful, is choosing the right camping gear. The choice of the camping gear depends on the type of camping trip. It can be a nearby camping trip or a long-distance camping trip.

Going for nearby or a day camping trip might require big weights camping gears like fridge. For long distance camping trips, it will require something light and portable that is very convenient for using.

Camping can either take place within the same location or out of the location. The latter being the most common nowadays.

The weight of the camping gear and its ease of portability varies from each type of camping trip. That is; for nearby camping, the camping gears are usually heavy but can be used for both types of camping.

Important camping gears for a camping trip

Before going for a camp trip, there are very important things that are considered first camping. That is, shade, and where to sleep during the night or relax in the daytime. These gears include:

· Tents and support poles

These are given first priorities during camping. There are many types and categories of camping tents for choice depending on their prices, size, weight designs and durability. Tents with very strong fabrics are very important for camping.

· Sleeping bags

Of course, no one will go camping and sleep in the grass!! That would be for military. When using huge and open tents, it will be necessary to have sleeping bags and pads to use under the open tent.

There are many varieties of sleeping gears for camping depending on weights and air conditioning gadgets. These sleeping bags are of different designs, prices and the choice of them depends on the type of camping trip.

· Backpacks

Backpacks are good for nearby camping trips. These gears vary in sizes and weight.

· Lights

In every activity people engage in, safety and security are always paramount. No one can go camping without lighting gears, especially for long distance camping trips. It will be very dangerous to go camping without lighting especially in the forested areas.

Headlamps, lanterns, torches and flashlights are very necessary. These can be used to provide light. Extra lighting gears should be considered too.

The lights will help give yourself security, watch around the camp and even stroll around the camp if possible. It is advisable to carry portable lamps or lights and not heavy lighting gears.

· Sanitation gears

Good health and good life is first priority in everything and in every activity. Good health means good and enjoyable camping trip. It is recommended to carry clean water that is enough for the whole camping period or if it is bulky carrying water then consider it carrying water filters. This is necessary if when considering using the water available in the camping site.

· Boots and shoes

Depending on the terrain of the camping site, boots and shoes becomes very essential. Boots are recommended for rough terrain. Sneakers are good for clear grounds. It’s good to carry extra pairs also.

Sloppy terrain will require boots because they are sturdier than shoes and sneakers. That is, they have very good and strong grip that prevents one from falling or slipping.

· Hard copy maps

These are the days of wide travel. The chances of getting lost in new areas is very high, especially for camping. Whether the direction is known or not, carrying paper maps is a great deal. Its good to consider this besides using the GPS.

Essentials for cooking

It’s not sufficient surviving with packed food alone. People enjoy it when they consume what they have personally prepared or contributed in preparation. And it’s always the case with camping.

· Cooking appliances such as, stove, fuel and fire starters are not to be forgotten. One should not depend on campfire alone. They are necessary for cooking and meal preparation.

· Pots and pans. This cookware should be carried during the camping trip.

· Utensils and cups are necessary for serving food during meal time. They are very light therefore easy for packaging.

· Cleaning gears, first aid kit and medicine should be carried alone for camping.

All these camping gears are very important for camping and should be considered.