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We call ourselves Easternpariverrunners and we love to discuss various topics and provide useful information and tips regarding Camping Gears, Fishing Gears and Boats.

We are human, and our natural tendencies include adventures and long journeys. If you are someone who spends the entire summer vacation or holidays sitting on your sofa, playing video games and watching movies, then this site has very little to offer you. But if you are a hard-core travel fan, or enjoy camping in deserts and jungles or like to spend some chilling time catching fish on big lakes and rivers, we are the ones you really need to follow.

Our main focus is to provide useful tips and instructions, information regarding boats, camping gears and fishing gears and the best products you can purchase without wasting your time searching customer reviews on the internet.

Let us discuss the various categories that we provide exclusively for you. Boats – It doesn’t matter whether you are from Southern California or North-Eastern India, we can provide you the information of what are the best boats you can buy, the price and specifications, reviews of boats and much more. All you need to do is visit this site and give us your kilobytes of data.

Camping Gears – So you are all set to start your journey to the Sahara or the jungles of Congo? Or maybe just want to rest on top of a hill and see the stars along with your partner and some cold beer. Whatever the reason might be, we have information regarding the different types of camping gears so that you can choose what the best match for you is.

Fishing Gears – Finally, my favorite part. Fishing is not just about catching fish, it requires patience, skills, and knowledge of what is the best fishing gear to catch different types of fishes in different types of conditions. And trust us, we are the master of fishing gears.

So if you are really an adventure junkie, eastern river runners are the best blog for you. And if you are not, just bookmark us and we will ensure you become one of us!